Friday, May 01, 2009

visit Aruba this summer- skip Mexico

The Centers for Disease Control reports there are 109 confirmed cases of swine flu in the United States and one confirmed death. The outbreak has many vacationers worried about upcoming plans. Despite the mildness of the outbreak in the region, local travel agencies are busy reworking Mexican vacations and dealing with a number of calls about swine flu and its impact on travel plans.
World Travel Mates, in Matthews, is recommending other destinations.
"You can't get a similar situation,” said company president Cathy Reavis. “They have beautiful five-star resorts in Mexico for much less expensive than you can get the same standard of accommodations in say Aruba or the Bahamas." However, there are GREAT prices in Aruba also:

From $455 one week stay, apartment for 2 persons, pool, walking distance to the ocean.

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have aruba wedding said...

i agree with you so much. i would rather go to aruba then mexico. especially with swine flu going on.

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