Saturday, October 07, 2017

Flamingo Beach- Renaissance Aruba

Flamingo Beach- Renaissance Aruba

Many people ask me how I can be on the Flamingo island several times each year. First of all; I live in Aruba so this beach is around the corner. The second thing; I stay at Renaissance Hotel as much as possible even though my house is just a 15 minute drive away :-)
How to reach there? Can I visit also if I am not booking the hotel?
in the low season you can visit the front desk to ask for the US$99 one day pass (including; boat trip, towel use, snorkeling set use, lunch with one drink) per person. If the hotel is too busy, they will not sell you this pass. Then it will be too crowded on the island, and you'll have to try again in the low season, or book a overnight hotelstay. Usually prices are from US$168 per night, plus taxes, for 2 persons (Marina hotel).
The hotel boat leaves 3 times per hour (at least) from Renaissance Marina Hotel in Oranjestad, located inside of the Renaissance Mall, next to Starbucks.
also they will make a boat stop near the Renaissance Ocean Suites (3 minutes walk), which is located next to the Helicopter pad (with heli tours for max. 3 persons at the time). Also a great trip!

The boat captain will check one roomkey per person, in order to be able to hop into the boat and within 10 minutes you're on the beautiful island with beaches, hammocks, bar, restaurant, shop, tourdesk, Flamingo's, gym, anything you need.
ATTENTION; children can only access the Flamingo beach between 9am and 10am daily to take a picture or buy food for the birds and feed them. It is an adult only beach (with bar).
The family beach where you can stay with kids, is where you'll find the tourdesk, restaurant, and piers, and is huge, space for everyone.

Friday, October 06, 2017

trying to link all my Social Media

trying to link all my Social Media; this blog, Instagram page, Twitter, Facebook account, and several email addresses you can feel overwhelmed and behind in updating everyone, and replying to emails/ messages.

I read this article, see link;

Anyone that has experience with Hubspot? Good/ bad?

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