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3 Advantages of Selling Your Home during the Holidays

Miriam has been writing about Real Estate in ARUBA, since the year 2004 on this lovely sunny island. Working at the Century 21 Aruba office for over 8 years, Miriam can assist you with anything related to buying/ selling/ investing in Aruba. 

The Tip: Thanks to reduced competition, motivated buyers and a nicely decorated holiday home, you can sell your home faster during the holiday season.

We all know that spring and summer are the best times to sell a home. And it’s true that many buyers do plan their new home purchases during the warmer months. But that doesn’t mean all the serious buyers evaporate after Thanksgiving. Remember that in Aruba it is always summer so each month is a good month to sell/ buy property.
If your home is for sale now, you’re actually in a great position to sell your home faster by taking advantage of the unique characteristics of the holiday selling season.
1. Less Competition
You’re not the only homeowner who’s considered taking your home off the market during the holidays—most don’t want the hassle. And most new sellers will decide to wait until the first of the year or even springtime to put their homes up for sale.
That’s great news for you because you won’t have to compete with dozens of other homes just like yours to get buyers’ attention. Reduced inventory means more buyers checking out your home, either online or in person. Keep their attention by making sure your home is priced to sell and that your home is in “show” condition at all times.

2. Motivated Buyers
Anyone who takes time out of their busy holiday schedule to shop for a new home is serious about buying now. Perhaps they are buying a home for tax reasons or are relocating to Aruba to start a new job in the new year. Maybe they’ve been looking for months and just haven’t found that perfect home yet.
Whatever their reason, make it easy for these clients to get a good look at your home by staying flexible with your showing times and be open to negotiating contract terms that work with their schedules.
3. Your Home Looks Great
Emotion plays a huge role in which home a buyer purchases, and you can capitalize on that by making your home cozy and cheery during showings. Tasteful decorations and a minimum of clutter will allow buyers to see their own families celebrating the holidays in your home next year.
Make sure your decorations enhance rather than detract from your home’s best features, and remember to remove them as soon as the season is over.
Get Your Home Sold With the Advice of a Pro
Experienced real estate agents know that home sales remain steady into the holidays, so if you’re looking for professional advice, work with an agent who understands the advantages of selling a home now. Contact Miriam at email address:

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The 7 best Green home Upgrades

Adding solar panels and starting an organic garden used to be the best green home upgrades to better your personal and financial life. In today's technologically driven world however, there are many products making the home even greener. From a safer household to just plain recycling, you will find green upgrades to have a mixture of both low- and high end selections for any budget.

LED Lights
Switch out the expensive indoor lighting with LED technology.Whether you install it in an entryway or under the kitchen cabinets, you'll have brilliant light with less electricity costs and reduced heat.

Re-upholster to Recycle
Throwing out an old sofa is a huge addition to the landfill when remodeling is underway. Consider a re-upholstery job. Select new fabric and/or replace some of the filling. You'll retain most of the sofa to avoid excess waste while saving money on the remodeling budget.

Small Appliance Control
If you have a feeling that you left the stove on after leaving your home, your only choice is to return and check the appliance yourself. From the toaster to coffeemaker, save time and remain Green with a small appliance control on your Smartphone. With the touch of an app, take a glimpse at your appliances remotely and turn them off as needed.

Inverter Air conditioning split units
Only use the A/C in the rooms you need cooling. When you leave home for the day, turn off all A/C units. An inverter unit uses less energy so your monthly electricity bill will be less.

Stopping Food Waste
Make dinner easier with an app tied to your refrigerator's inventory. Based on the items inside the fridge, apps like Fridge Pal give you recipes to try to reduce waste. This green idea is perfect for budget-driven families with a tight schedule.

Paint It Up
Try low and no-VOC interior paints for a cleaner painting experience. Instead of adding harmful fumes to the room, this paint actually absorbs them. With VOCs as a main concern around young children and seniors, this green update is priceless.

Water Filtration at the Source
Stop the plastic bottle cycle with a PUR water filtration system at the kitchen sink. This elegantly designed filter sits to the side of the faucet. You won't need to buy water bottles ever again. Activate the filter only when you need drinking or cooking water. All other water flows normally through the faucet to increase filter life.
For real estate inquiries, please contact:

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The Aruba Connections blog celebrates its 10 years existence and this we would like to celebrate with you.

**Win a restaurant gift certificate**
Send your best and most special Aruba story or picture to blogger Miriam Engeln, latest on December 6, 2014 and the winner will receive a restaurant gift certificate of US$100,- of one of the nice restaurant in Aruba.

By joining this competition, you agree to have your name and story/ picture published on this blog. You can email your stories and/ or pictures to:

Miriam Engeln started blogging in the year 2004 and last year was approached by the editor of the Aruba newspaper Aruba Daily, to publish her stories weekly. The Aruba Connections blog has been published weekly since June of 2013 on each Saturday, and informs the readers about; real estate in Aruba. Each week you’ll find a different subject, such as investing in Aruba, house renovations, renting, and so on.
Miriam Engeln is working for Century 21 Aruba and has worked in real estate previously in Spain and Belize.

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Saving that Real Estate Commission

Everyone likes to save money. So how can you save money in a real estate transaction? Find that new "e-Realtor" with a discounted commission? Or, better yet, don't even use a Realtor at all? A FSBO (For Sale by Owner) is bound to save you a bundle. Right?

The correct answers are No, No and No. Sorry, the old saying "There is no free lunch" is alive and well in real estate. Let's take a look at discounts and FSBO's and find out a few of the reasons why you might want to not go that way.
Discounts: "E-Realtors" who will rebate you something at closing seem to be the latest rage. You can even use their search engines and e-mail updates to find the home you want. It sounds good but did you know: It might be a problem seeing more than a few homes. It might be hard to schedule appointments. It might be difficult to get answers, advice and counsel. And your agent might be new and inexperienced. Why all these problems? The "e-Realtors" are all on a modest salary, not commission. They have little incentive to "go the extra mile" to get the job done for you. In order to make money (after paying the rebates) they need to deal in large volumes of customers, not in quality service, assistance and details. So, is a small rebate worth the chance of less than adequate representation? Probably not.

FSBO's: The biggest problem with a For Sale by Owner is that both buyer and seller think that they will be saving money by avoiding a Realtor's guidance, expertise and cost. Unfortunately, somebody usually gets burned. Lack of knowledge and information combined with greed, leads sellers of most FSBO homes to overprice them. Worse; buyers tend to be uninformed, unprepared and unqualified. For the seller this can result in the home not selling at all or an unqualified buyer trying to buy it (unsuccessfully) and wasting the seller's time. For the buyer it can lead to paying too much or buying a home with one or more unrecognized problems. In either case someone loses. Do you want to be that someone in the hope of "saving" a few dollars? Probably not.
So, if discounts and FSBO's don't work, how do you save money in real estate? The best way is to find an honest, experienced Realtor and follow her/ his sage advice and guidance. You will save in the long run because that Realtor will earn his commission the old fashion way: by working long and hard for it.

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this weeks Q & A:

This week’s question and answer:
Question by Daan de Vries:
Which home improvements can I do as a seller to increase the value of my home?

Answer by Miriam Engeln:
There are a several general home improvements and upgrades that will typically net a homeowner the most return, especially when it comes to the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. However, the right answerer to this question, is of course dependent on the specific property.

Clean it up! Clean, clean, clean! Wash windows, doors, floors, everything.
Next is de-clutter! Get rid of all those dust collectors all over the house. Pack up those personal photos and thin out the furniture so you can have a natural flow from one room to the other without the maze affect. The potential buyers can now actually see the house and that is what you want because that is what you are selling.

Now if you really want to make a difference, finish up all those unfinished projects around the house that need to be done inside and out. New buyers do not want to see work they are going to have to do. They would rather buy the other house for the same price that needs no work.
Also if your walls haven't been painted in a while, then that would be a really good investment. It also helps the home to appear new and fresh.

The amount is endless but what improvements will bring the best return, or any return at all. This depends greatly on the home in question and the current values in the neighborhood.

Email your real estate questions to email address: and a selection of your questions will be answered each Saturday in the newspaper Aruba Daily.

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Real Estate Miriam answers all

This week’s question by Enrique Hernandez:

“How easy or difficult is it for a new company to enter the vacation rental/real estate industry on Aruba?”

Here the answer by Miriam Engeln:

To start a new business in Aruba the following; in case the owner was not born in Aruba but is considered local, first she/he should apply for a business license at the Department of Economic Affairs. When there is more than one person involved, the partners are required to register a general partnership. A sole proprietorship is a legal form with only one proprietor, who is personally liable for all of the business’ actions.

The sole proprietorship is reserved for locals (Arubans) or people who are considered local. When the owner of the sole proprietorship is born in Aruba with the Dutch nationality and at least 18 of age, she/he is exempted from the business license requirement and can make an appointment to register the sole proprietorship at the Aruba Chamber. For more information please visit the websites: and/or

See more at:

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Real Estate Miriam answers all

Ask Real Estate expert Miriam Engeln anything about properties in ARUBA, such as how to invest in real estate, how to maximize occupancy in vacation properties, rental income tips, constructing a house, home exchange, house flipping, retire-/ moving to ARUBA and so on.

This week’s questions and answers:

Enrique Hernandez:  How easy or difficult is it for a new company to enter the vacation rental/real estate industry on Aruba?

Miriam Engeln: To start a new business in Aruba the following; in case the owner was not born in Aruba but is considered local, first she/he should apply for a business license at the Department of Economic Affairs. When there is more than one person involved, the partners are required to register a general partnership. A sole proprietorship is a legal form with only one proprietor, who is personally liable for all of the business’ actions.

The sole proprietorship is reserved for locals (Arubans) or people who are considered local. When the owner of the sole proprietorship is born in Aruba with the Dutch nationality and at least 18 of age, she/he is exempted from the business license requirement and can make an appointment to register the sole proprietorship at the Aruba Chamber. For more information please visit the websites:

Email your real estate questions to email address; and a selection of your questions will be answered each Saturday in this newspaper Aruba Daily.

Miriam has been writing about and selling Real Estate in ARUBA, since the year 2004 on this lovely sunny island. 

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Aruba villa

great website with links to vacation rental villa's, news, restaurants and more about Aruba;

Real Estate Miriam answers all.

Ask Real Estate expert Miriam Engeln anything about properties in ARUBA, such as how to invest in real estate, how to maximize occupancy in vacation properties, rental income tips, constructing a house, home exchange, house flipping, retire-/ moving to ARUBA and so on.

This week’s questions and answers:

Susan Jones; I was told I can buy a property built on lease land, is that true?

Miriam; All non-residents can buy land or a house in Aruba going through the same process as the Aruban residents.

They can buy a home on property land as well as on lease land. Besides property land you can buy a house which is built on lease land. This land is owned by the Land of Aruba and the lease is for 60 years. A yearly fee is paid for these lease rights. After the 60 years, the lease period will automatically be extended with another 60 years. The only thing that might happen when the lease period is extended is an increase in the yearly fee. Most of the houses situated in North (Palm Beach, Malmok) are built on lease land. Many non-residents have bought there and will keep buying in those areas although the homes are built on lease land!

The reason they keep buying houses in those areas is because of their locations. These areas are close to the spa’s, golf course, tennis courts and shopping malls. Another huge advantage is the distance to the ocean.

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see quality tours Aruba

"new kid on the block" Ricardo de Vries offers great tours on the island, since the spring time of this year. Please check out his website;

See Quality Tours Aruba

Offered are half day tours, full day tours, and even FREE tours for celebrities!!!!!
Prices for not famous people from US$75,-

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ARUBA life: Why move to Aruba and why to get the hell out! Come to Aruba for sun and fun living.

Living in sunshine can be relaxing and cumbersome at the same time. While residing on a tropical Caribbean island and enjoying hot and sunny weather, there are still plenty of reasons to get the hell out and fast.
Here are some pros and cons of living in Aruba:
1. Pro – You’re always on vacation! Living as anAruban, you don’t have to travel far to go on vacation. Aruba has plenty of white sandy beaches all around the island. Some popular spots include Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach and let’s not forget Baby beach. All beaches are public so you can enter for free.
2. Pro – The friendliest people! Unlike other places where you will see and meet over 50 different nationalities on a small location, this island has it’s nicest and most relaxed proud people, always willing to help a lost tourist, let’s people cross the road where ever they please, when you come to someone’s home during lunch time there is always an extra plate of food available, overall very
friendly people in Aruba. Of course it is part of the world and you do have to use common sense. But when the sun is shining everyone seems to smile more, worry less and just enjoy the good things in life.
3. Pro – Live for cheap! The cost of living in Aruba is much lower than living in California or New York. Of course the downside to living for less is working for less. Minimum wages are somewhat low, and most hotel-/restaurant staff lives on tips that you, the generous visitor will leave for them. Also many sales-/ service staff live on commission based salaries. Therefor the service level is kept high also in Aruba.
4. Con – You must have a (rental) car! In Aruba things are spread out and waiting on a bus in the heath is no fun. And with vehicle registration, driver’s license fees, tickets, car insurance and gas prices, driving can get quite expensive.
5. Con –Drinks get warm very quickly! You have to drink up quickly before the sun warms your drink. What a stress.
6. Con –Donkey crossing! Paying attention to crossing donkeys, iguanas, goats and dogs, can be quite a challenge, especially after some happy hour drinks. Remember that at any given time anywhere, the car in front of you will step on the brakes for someone or something wanting to cross; so keep your distance. Those are just a few of the reasons why to live in Aruba and why to get the hell out.

So if you’re thinking about moving to the Happy Island of Aruba, it could be a good idea if you have a car, can drink quickly, enjoy sunshine, and pay attention while driving.

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How Much Do I Have to Save to Buy a Home?

Sponsored ByThe first thing to understand about buying a property is that you do not need to have all the cash saved up in order to make your purchase.
The good news is that there are banks out there who will lend as much as 95 percent of the purchase price of your home, at very favorable interest rates. And the banks are willing to spread out the payments over a long period of time, so that you can afford the house you want.

If you have a steady job/ income, there is a good chance that you can find a bank who will lend you most of the purchase price of your new house.

Home loans are also called "mortgages," which comes from a Latin phrase meaning "pledge unto death." While lenders don't take your promise to pay quite that seriously, they DO expect to get repaid on time. Just to make sure you remember, lenders take an ownership interest in your house until the loan is paid in full.

Home loans typically are offered in amounts of 80 to 90 % of the purchase price of the property. You are expected to pay the remaining amount in cash from your own savings. As you might imagine; the lower percentage loans are easier to qualify for.

The reason the bank is willing to lend you up to 95 percent of the value of your house is that history has shown real estate to be such an excellent investment.

Lenders expect that your home will be worth more in the future than it is today - so their investment in your home is considered very safe.

That's also why the interest rate you can obtain on a home loan is one of the best around.

Consider that America's largest and strongest corporations borrow at what is called the "prime rate," and that today you can borrow a home loan - fixed at the same rate for many years - at substantially less than the prime rate. Lenders have found that home loans tend to be excellent investments, and you benefit every month when you make your loan payment.

Finally, home loans are available to be repaid over terms of usually 15, 20 or 30 years. The shorter term loan offers a slightly lowered interest rate, so if you can afford the higher monthly payments, you'll save in interest costs by choosing the 15 year loan.

At today's interest rates, a 15 year loan costs about 27% more than a 30 year loan in terms of your monthly payment. But the amazing thing is that lenders are even willing to offer a fixed rate loan for that time period.

It's better financing than you can get on just about any other investment.

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About Rent a Chef Aruba

Bas Kuurstra's Rent a Chef service offers gourmet personalized food, cooked to your taste and prepared in your home on Aruba.  As a personal chef, Bas pre-cooks a delicious, healthy meal, which you can sit down to with your family in little or no time. Spend less money and eat healthier than when going out to restaurants or buying take-out meals. This service saves you a lot of time – you do not need any meal planning, grocery shopping, putting away your groceries or preparing food; even the cleaning up afterwards is not your problem anymore.

For private dinners Rent a Chef is the perfect option. We can make anything from a small dinner to super luxury 10 course dinner all in the comfort of your home or your home away from home when your staying on Aruba for vacation. Complete your perfect vacation with our Private dinner service.

Contact Bas Kuurstra by phone (+297-5928268) or email ( and he will set up an in-house consultation meeting to discuss the food you and your family like or dislike, including avoiding any allergic reactions. All meals will be prepared exactly the way you want. A customized menu for an entire week, cooked at your home in one day is something that you might have been waiting for. And if you think this service will cost the earth, think again: Rent a Chef’s fee is very reasonable. P.s.: it will not be necessary for you to be home when Rent a Chef is cooking up a storm. Chef Bas will bring the necessary tools, package and label all meals and place them in the refrigerator or freezer. A menu, listing each item with heating instructions will be left and your kitchen will be spotless when you come home from work. Weekly or bi-weekly service is recommended. However, less frequent options are available based on your needs. A deposit and money for groceries will be required.

Private chef services and cocktail parties also belong to the options.

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Barbulet Concierge Aruba

About Barbulet Concierge Aruba

Barbulet Concierge Aruba is a sole proprietorship and managed by Freya Kraag.

Freya has a degree in hotel management and has been in the service industry for approximately 10 years. She started her career at the Aruba Marriott as Concierge Agent and later was promoted to Executive Admin Assistant and afterwards Front Desk Manager. Freya also worked as Front Office Manager at an upscale boutique hotel, the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. Currently, Freya works as Quality Assurance Manager at the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, one of the most popular low-rise hotels on the island.
Freya enjoys working in the hospitality industry and it was from her first job as Concierge Agent that she realized how passionate she was about vacation planning and assisting guests make their vacation an unforgettable one. 
Freya turned her passion into a business and today assists visitors around the world with planning memorable vacation experiences in Aruba.

Our mission at Barbulet Concierge Aruba is to assist visitors in planning their Aruba vacation and provide them with a relaxing and worry free visit to the island by taking care of all their vacation arrangements.
For more information/ reservations please click on the website link;

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5 signs it's time to buy a home

1. You want control of your surroundings and environment

If you find yourself wanting to put in a swimming pool, remodel your bathrooms or make other  changes to the property, it is a sign you should be looking to buy, There are things you can't do when you're sharing/ renting a space. If you want to install a new kitchen or build an outdoor pizza oven, you can't do that if you're a renter.  

While homeowners might be willing to invest $30.000,- remodeling their kitchen, they simply won't do that in a home they rent.
2. You're interested in a specific city or Caribbean island
If you want to live in a specific neighborhood, it may be time to put down roots.  

If you want your children to be in a particular school district or you want your family to live in a specific part of the island, then it's time. It may be better for your kids to have that stability. A lot of parents don't want to think about moving around all the time when they have kids in school.

3. Your family grows — or shrinks
Many times, people are inspired to buy because they find they have too many people in their family for the number of bedrooms. You're just moving through the progression of life, and sometimes you find that you need a bigger property. Families may realize this when their kids reach school age, or when their family is growing. Also, many baby boomers are buying these days, but they're downsizing rather than looking for additional space.

4. You find a good deal
At a certain point, it's time to stop thinking about "what if" and start taking steps to make the purchase, especially with interest rates on the rise. When you find a good deal, it's time to act, so spend Less, Save More, and live better.

Maybe you've had your eye on a house for quite some time and it's still on the market. Houses are moving, so if you wait any longer, there's a strong possibility you'll lose out.
If you're considering a purchase, look at what the market is dictating. If you're waiting for the price to get 20 percent lower, that may not be realistic.

 5. You have the down payment
As soon as you have your down payment saved, don't be afraid to part with it.

A lot of people reach their goal and then they don't want to part

with that money. The danger is that your eyes will start to get bigger, and you may try to purchase a bigger home than you can afford.

A lot of people keep thinking something bigger and better will come along, but that day might not come. At some point you have to say; this may not be our dream home, but it's a good home and we're going to go ahead and do it.


The Electric Festival has started. Till September 7, 2014 in Aruba @ Nikky Beach/ Havana Beach, with artists such as; Chuckie, Loco Dice, Knife Party, Carnage, Nutzbeatz, Lil John, Fellow and many more.

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Don't Overlook a Home's Potential

Cosmetic issues are easy to remedy

Home shopping for first-time homebuyers it's an exciting, but sometimes nerve-wracking experience. If you're like others in the market for their first home, you probably have in mind exactly how your soon-to-be home will look.

But it's important not to fall into the bad decorating, clutter, and dirt-bare back yard equals bad-home trap. If you don't see past the hideous wallpaper, funky light fixtures and avocado green carpeting, you may miss out on a home with great potential.

And if you're looking for a home in a seller's market where homes are being snatched up as soon as they go on the market, you'll come to realize you can't be choosy if you want to make a competitive offer.

One of the first things to do is to get pre-approved for a loan and determine the maximum you can afford to offer for a house. Don't look at homes that are asking for more than 10% above your maximum, otherwise you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment if you find the perfect—but outside your budget—home.

So what to do?

Most important is the area of the property. It is all about LOCATION.

Secondly; the floor plan of the home is extremely important. If a floor plan isn't quite to your liking, consider rearranging it or adding on. If you're looking at an existing home and will need to remodel or expand to suit your needs, the estimated cost of renovation needs to be considered when making an offer.

Also, consider the features of a home:

*Walls. While these are among the easiest to remedy, they also make a huge first impression. If the walls need to be painted, are covered in wallpaper or are painted a color you find distasteful, picture them crisp and clean in the color of your choice—that's how they could look after you paint them.

*View. Things like old, ugly—even dirty—windows and window treatments can make a view appear less desirable. Those things can be improved, so unless the only view you have is of your neighbor's garage on the side of the house, don't get hung up on what is surely a fixable view.

*Landscaping. Your best bet is a moderately landscaped yard because you can always improve landscaping without spending too much. Worst case, even if you're looking at dirt, landscaping is one of the easier projects to tackle. Plus you get to design it however you'd like if you're starting from scratch.

*Closets and garages. You can never have too much storage space, which is why so many newer homes have three-car garages. But if you encounter a converted garage that is now a bedroom or storage room, don't give up. Converted garages can almost always go back to their original purpose without much cost or labor.

*Kitchen. The most popular room in the house, many homeowners want their kitchen to be large and have modern appliances. Don't let outdated color schemes deter you because there's nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make a kitchen your own. Plus, if you like the rest of the house enough to make an offer, you can give the kitchen a minor spruce-up with some new appliances or a major overhaul complete with new countertops, cabinets, and flooring.

*The exterior. If the home doesn't have good curb appeal, try to picture it with a fresh coat of paint and revitalized landscaping.

    *Pools. The cost of repairing a pool is less than putting one in, so if you're looking at a home with an old pool that looks like it's in bad shape, it's still a better bet than putting one in later.

When making an offer, consider what you can't live without, as well as your budget. Also, be sure you hire a professional home inspector to inspect the house. If the home's systems are in good working order and the house has everything you want except a minor item or two, make an offer accordingly.

Most importantly, keep in mind that unless you're building your dream home from scratch, you'll probably never find the perfect home. But seeing past a previous owner's bad decorating choices to the core of the home and its future potential will yield you the home you've always wanted.

For additional Real Estate information please contact Miriam Engeln, tel: (+297) 7331856.

Fly Fishing Aruba

Flats boat Fly fishing trip

I can pick you up from your hotel with my car or we can meet by the boat at the Renaissance Marina Down town at 6.15 am. We will be fishing for Bonefish and/or Tarpon depending on the tide, weather or your personal preference. (Permit can be found on occasion but are not very common) We will be fishing of the boat in the mangroves for Tarpon or wading on the flats for Bonefish. During this trip I will try to improve your skills if necessary and give you information on where to fish unguided on other days. You will be fishing till 11.00am and you will be back at your hotel at 12.00pm.
The Price per trip is $280 ( max 2 Angler’s).
All trips are private.
(Early booking recommended!)

Spin fishing trip by flats boat

I can pick you up from your hotel with my car or we can meet by the boat at the Renaissance Marina Down town at 6.15 am. We will be fishing inshore in the shallow waters and mangroves with light spinning gear and mostly top water lures for maximum action. You’ll most likely catch; Barracuda, Jacks, Snook, Snappers or sometimes Tarpon.
We will be fishing till 11.00am and you will be back at your hotel at 12.00pm
The Price per trip is $280 (max 2 Angler’s).
All trips are private.

What’s included

Trips include the use of tackle, softdrink, water and cookies. All fly fishing gear is the best from Sage, Orvis and Rio. For the spin fishing gear I have the best from G-Loomis Shimano. If you go on a fly fishing trip and you would like to have spin fishing gear on board as a back up, please let me know when you book the trip. If you would like to fish with your own gear – flies-lures, please bring your favorites!

Bookings via:

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discount travel from Aruba

From Aruba to:
Georgetown*                             ✈ AWG 350
Paramaribo                                    ✈ AWG 350
Miami*                                ✈ AWG 430
Kingston                                   ✈ AWG 488
Sint Maarten                                    ✈ AWG 498
La Romana                                      ✈ AWG 498
Medellín                                     ✈ AWG 518
Barranquilla                                    ✈ AWG 518
Santo Domingo                                   ✈ AWG 528
Port au Prince                                    ✈ AWG 598
*Operated by InselAir Aruba

1 ANG of every ticket sold will be donated
to a good cause.
Booking period from August 25th until August 27th, 2014 ••• Travel period from September 1st until December 15th, 2014 ••• Fares are including government taxes and excluding airport departure tax for Curaçao ••• Fares are based on return flight ••• Fares are not available for group bookings ••• Seats are limited ••• Fares are non-refundable and non-transferable.
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