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The 7 best Green home Upgrades

Adding solar panels and starting an organic garden used to be the best green home upgrades to better your personal and financial life. In today's technologically driven world however, there are many products making the home even greener. From a safer household to just plain recycling, you will find green upgrades to have a mixture of both low- and high end selections for any budget.

LED Lights
Switch out the expensive indoor lighting with LED technology.Whether you install it in an entryway or under the kitchen cabinets, you'll have brilliant light with less electricity costs and reduced heat.

Re-upholster to Recycle
Throwing out an old sofa is a huge addition to the landfill when remodeling is underway. Consider a re-upholstery job. Select new fabric and/or replace some of the filling. You'll retain most of the sofa to avoid excess waste while saving money on the remodeling budget.

Small Appliance Control
If you have a feeling that you left the stove on after leaving your home, your only choice is to return and check the appliance yourself. From the toaster to coffeemaker, save time and remain Green with a small appliance control on your Smartphone. With the touch of an app, take a glimpse at your appliances remotely and turn them off as needed.

Inverter Air conditioning split units
Only use the A/C in the rooms you need cooling. When you leave home for the day, turn off all A/C units. An inverter unit uses less energy so your monthly electricity bill will be less.

Stopping Food Waste
Make dinner easier with an app tied to your refrigerator's inventory. Based on the items inside the fridge, apps like Fridge Pal give you recipes to try to reduce waste. This green idea is perfect for budget-driven families with a tight schedule.

Paint It Up
Try low and no-VOC interior paints for a cleaner painting experience. Instead of adding harmful fumes to the room, this paint actually absorbs them. With VOCs as a main concern around young children and seniors, this green update is priceless.

Water Filtration at the Source
Stop the plastic bottle cycle with a PUR water filtration system at the kitchen sink. This elegantly designed filter sits to the side of the faucet. You won't need to buy water bottles ever again. Activate the filter only when you need drinking or cooking water. All other water flows normally through the faucet to increase filter life.
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The Aruba Connections blog celebrates its 10 years existence and this we would like to celebrate with you.

**Win a restaurant gift certificate**
Send your best and most special Aruba story or picture to blogger Miriam Engeln, latest on December 6, 2014 and the winner will receive a restaurant gift certificate of US$100,- of one of the nice restaurant in Aruba.

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Miriam Engeln started blogging in the year 2004 and last year was approached by the editor of the Aruba newspaper Aruba Daily, to publish her stories weekly. The Aruba Connections blog has been published weekly since June of 2013 on each Saturday, and informs the readers about; real estate in Aruba. Each week you’ll find a different subject, such as investing in Aruba, house renovations, renting, and so on.
Miriam Engeln is working for Century 21 Aruba and has worked in real estate previously in Spain and Belize.

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