Sunday, March 29, 2020

world on hold

hi all,
the world seems to be on hold.
sitting at home, sunshine outside, feeling creative.

***Today I am making a new website to help people creating a new life for themselves***
see link;

there is a 10 minute free chat button, to write to me in Dutch, or English.

since the world has changed so much over the last weeks, lots of people are sitting at home, watching Netflix. I prefer to talk about your future, and make a financial plan.
Create on-line income, follow free courses on-line, and many more ways to build a new future for you and your family.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

2020 March update from Aruba

This morning at 8am I went to visit the Palm Beach hotel area, to take some pictures of the ocean, and surroundings and I kept my distance from anyone around me, just in case..
That time of day is always my favorite time to go for a walk; is not too hot, not too crowded, and very quiet. All things I need to stay sane.
Shops were open as usual, people were jogging, restaurants all open, and hotel-/ beach staff was present at work. No sight of gloves, masks, nor any other indication that these are scary times in the world.

Hospital currently holds 2 people in quarantine for around 2 weeks, these men arrived to Aruba from the U.S.A. and have tested positive on the Corona virus.
Yesterday the Aruba government closed the flights from Europe to Aruba, till the end of this month.
by then will re-evaluate the situation.
 the tel. nr. (+297) 2800101 is the number to call when being in Aruba "one happy island" in case you have a fever and have problem breathing. Do not go to a doctor if you suspect you have Corona virus. Just call that number, they will explain you what to do, and stay where you are, in isolation.
Be safe, wash your hands, use common sense, take care.

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