Saturday, October 25, 2014

this weeks Q & A:

This week’s question and answer:
Question by Daan de Vries:
Which home improvements can I do as a seller to increase the value of my home?

Answer by Miriam Engeln:
There are a several general home improvements and upgrades that will typically net a homeowner the most return, especially when it comes to the kitchen, bathrooms and master bedroom. However, the right answerer to this question, is of course dependent on the specific property.

Clean it up! Clean, clean, clean! Wash windows, doors, floors, everything.
Next is de-clutter! Get rid of all those dust collectors all over the house. Pack up those personal photos and thin out the furniture so you can have a natural flow from one room to the other without the maze affect. The potential buyers can now actually see the house and that is what you want because that is what you are selling.

Now if you really want to make a difference, finish up all those unfinished projects around the house that need to be done inside and out. New buyers do not want to see work they are going to have to do. They would rather buy the other house for the same price that needs no work.
Also if your walls haven't been painted in a while, then that would be a really good investment. It also helps the home to appear new and fresh.

The amount is endless but what improvements will bring the best return, or any return at all. This depends greatly on the home in question and the current values in the neighborhood.

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