Thursday, September 04, 2014

5 signs it's time to buy a home

1. You want control of your surroundings and environment

If you find yourself wanting to put in a swimming pool, remodel your bathrooms or make other  changes to the property, it is a sign you should be looking to buy, There are things you can't do when you're sharing/ renting a space. If you want to install a new kitchen or build an outdoor pizza oven, you can't do that if you're a renter.  

While homeowners might be willing to invest $30.000,- remodeling their kitchen, they simply won't do that in a home they rent.
2. You're interested in a specific city or Caribbean island
If you want to live in a specific neighborhood, it may be time to put down roots.  

If you want your children to be in a particular school district or you want your family to live in a specific part of the island, then it's time. It may be better for your kids to have that stability. A lot of parents don't want to think about moving around all the time when they have kids in school.

3. Your family grows — or shrinks
Many times, people are inspired to buy because they find they have too many people in their family for the number of bedrooms. You're just moving through the progression of life, and sometimes you find that you need a bigger property. Families may realize this when their kids reach school age, or when their family is growing. Also, many baby boomers are buying these days, but they're downsizing rather than looking for additional space.

4. You find a good deal
At a certain point, it's time to stop thinking about "what if" and start taking steps to make the purchase, especially with interest rates on the rise. When you find a good deal, it's time to act, so spend Less, Save More, and live better.

Maybe you've had your eye on a house for quite some time and it's still on the market. Houses are moving, so if you wait any longer, there's a strong possibility you'll lose out.
If you're considering a purchase, look at what the market is dictating. If you're waiting for the price to get 20 percent lower, that may not be realistic.

 5. You have the down payment
As soon as you have your down payment saved, don't be afraid to part with it.

A lot of people reach their goal and then they don't want to part

with that money. The danger is that your eyes will start to get bigger, and you may try to purchase a bigger home than you can afford.

A lot of people keep thinking something bigger and better will come along, but that day might not come. At some point you have to say; this may not be our dream home, but it's a good home and we're going to go ahead and do it.

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