Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Radisson Aruba Resort's Five-O-Sale

Summer is when many people head for the idyllic islands of the Caribbean. At that time of year, temperatures average only a few degrees warmer than in winter, and you can usually find a sea breeze to caress your body.
More importantly, prices normally drop dramatically in summertime, sometimes as much as 50 percent lower than in winter. Now, with the lagging economy also tugging down at prices, bargain rates are showing up on the tourism radar.

Aruba: A variety of 50-themed discounts are available at the Radisson Aruba Resort's Five-O-Sale. Included are a saving of $50 on a 50-minute spa treatment and 50 percent off on massages, a $50 per person, prix-fixe menu at the resort's Sunset Grille and a $50 coupon at the hotel's casino. Rates start at $175 per night, are valid through Sept. 30 and must be booked by July 30. www.radisson.com/aruba.

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