Monday, April 20, 2020

travel stories in the time we cannot travel

When I am posting travel stories about the time I spend 4 months in Thailand, volunteering with Gibbon apes in Phuket, or about the time I was working on a cruise ship visiting the Eastern and Western islands in the Caribbean, or that time I went to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland and met a Viking, and that time that I moved abroad to Spain, Belize and Aruba;
it is all because I want to keep the great memories alive.
By talking about our experiences, flipping through pictures, day dreaming about the good times we had and are still to come, that is all good. Sharing is caring.

Due to social distancing in real life, more than ever online expression is key.
Humans cannot spend too much time alone, we need interaction with others, not always with people; animals and pets will be great too.

see this link to see what isolation does to us and others;

Be safe, wash your hands, keep your distance, stay out of my aura.


Unknown said...

I agree! Count yours blessings and keep on thinking in possibilities and opportunities!

Aruba Connections - Miriam Engeln said...

yes, agreed. thanks for the feedback

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