Sunday, April 19, 2020

7 tips to help you to think more positive

Positive thinking; it is a lifestyle
Some people have the ability to make the best out of everything, while others have a hard time achieving that. When you think of something that makes you happy, your brain releases endorphins, which will give you a feeling of well-being, for free! It is however possible, if you have not been passed on the “positivity genes”, that you can train yourself to be (more) positive. Positive thinking is about creating the right mindset.

7 tips to help you to think more positive;
1.Smile; and you can feel better instantly. It really helps to smile, even though it is not a natural feeling or mood at that certain moment. Keep practicing, and smiling, keep happy thoughts and encourage yourself.
2.Surround yourself with positive thinkers, and you will see how that will effect you. When people come across a problem, they might get discouraged. When you practice positive thinking, you will look at a problem as an opportunity how to solve it. Reading positive quotes/ books will also help you to lighten up.
3.Don’t play the victim once something goes wrong. Knowing that positive thinking reduces stress and anxiety will make it much more interesting. Also the people around you can get infected by your smile; action= reaction.
4.Open up your mind to find new solutions. Practice yoga/ tai chi, meditate, and take a walk, to clear your mind.
5.Write down positive words, dreams, stories, anything to cheer you up. Avoid negative self-talk.
6.Look into the mirror and tell yourself (out loud); “I can do this”, “I am as good as anybody else”. Repeat this or any other positive words to yourself, several times a week, and you can expect improvement.
7.Train your brain to think uplifting solutions; your response will determine the outcome.

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