Monday, April 02, 2018

Moving abroad

Moving abroad- People often ask me; "how did you do it"?
Moving to Aruba, finding a job, getting the permit, and buying a house. It is not that difficult but you need to do some research before moving, save some money, get your paperwork in order, and have a place to stay (rent) for the beginning of your stay in a new country.

I moved from the Netherlands to Spain (Southern Europe), then to Belize (Central America) and last but not least; Aruba (Southern Caribbean).
In each country the government officials need to see either; proof of income, and/ or an employer signing for you to work for them.
In order to get your residence to work or retire, there are several things needed;
a clean police record, in some countries a lung photo or another doctors proof that you have no illness that can spread, a birth certificate, a proof of income and/or savings, proof of (travel) insurance.

In Aruba there is a website where you can book an appointment with a government official, see link;
Their language options are Dutch, English and Spanish.
On their website, Dimas provides you with information about which paperwork you need to hand in and that is also where I started myself; Dimas. After spending 10 days on the island, I knew right away; "this is where I want to live".

Within 6 months after that first visit to Aruba I moved to Aruba, rented an apartment, started to work within approx. 3 months (waiting time to get the work permit) and we are now 14 years later, and I never looked back. This sunny & friendly island makes my heart happy.

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