Monday, December 26, 2016

back in Aruba

Back from solo travelling in Iceland, Norway, the Netherlands, U.S.A., Colombia, Panama and Curacao. It was great and cold :-) but it is always great to be back in Aruba. So today I made time to write a new blogpost about my "home away from home", sunny island Aruba.
Starting January 1st 2017 Aruba will be plastic bag free, the government prime minister Mike Eman hopes to be re-elected the autumn with his political party AVP, big names have been announced for Soul Beach festival Aruba, such as Usher, the Rootz and Mary J. Blidge. Disney cruises will sail to Aruba 2017, many things happening for the island next year.

The new year is approaching rapidly, and for all my blog readers I already want to wish you a great 2017 with happiness, travel opportunities, health, love and all that you deserve.

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