Saturday, August 16, 2014

Buying a Condo, a great investment

It is about time home buyers and investors consider the added value of investing in a high-rise residential development.
By adopting international standards in virtually all new developments in ARUBA, we are not only providing clients the convenience of having all things they need within reach, we also afford them peace of mind knowing that their properties are safe from harm.

Here are 4 reasons why “condo living” is a rewarding investment.
1.Safety ensured. Condo living is usually more appealing to most people because of ease of maintenance as compared to a high-maintenance home. The units are also easier to protect when you leave since the unit’s safety is enhanced further with security measures that have high-tech features such as camera’s, fire protection, alarm system, and 24/7 security guards.
2.Higher appreciation. Investment in “green buildings” is recoverable not only through energy cost savings but also through higher rent and increased occupancy in the long-run. Larger units and more luxurious apartments are now being preferred by quality expatriate tenants. This market covers those who are willing to pay an average of $4,000 per month for a two to three bedroom luxury unit. 3.Lower total cost of ownership. One of the major reasons why owning a condo unit has been attracting a lot of buyers is that buying a unit does not entail individual land ownership. This way, you get to own a piece of property at a fairly good price since it basically gives full ownership of the unit without the sole responsibility of owning the land. What’s more, the combined ownership allows free use by residents of existing facilities and amenities of the condo. Some condo developments such as “”Divi, the Residences and “Blue” also include the provision of small business establishments such as a mini-grocery, tour desk, restaurant and car rental agency, so tenants no longer have to leave the building.
4.Proven track record. With a consistently growing number of high rise condos rising at Eagle and Palm Beach, finding one’s dream property may well seem to be just a matter of location. Top considerations such as accessibility and proximity to schools, hospital and similar conveniences are mixed with the enticement of living in developments replete with an array of exciting amenities such as clubhouses and 24/7 security, such as at Goldcoast, Divi and Tierra del Sol. But plunging headlong into such an important investment, however, should not only be dictated by these preferences. One must also consider the image and reputation of the property developer in deciding where to buy to ensure that one’s investment will provide great returns in the years to come.

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