Saturday, April 19, 2014

Home exchange

Owning a second home in Aruba means you can enjoy your vacation time in the sunshine whenever you wish.

Also you can travel the world and use your second house (in Aruba) for home exchange. Home exchange is to swap a house/ apartment with like-minded travelers all over the world without paying for it. Other than getting to the location of your choice, a home swap doesn't have to cost you more than staying at home.

How home exchange works;

Browse on-line listings for homes, apartments and locations you love, and use a messaging system to get in touch with those property owners. Check out inquiries sent to you from members of such an on-line home exchange site, and when you are ready, simply arrange your exchange. You will find the home exchange websites via or

Rather than staying in hotels and being treated like a tourist, you can enjoy staying in comfortable homes, and living the life of a local. 

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