Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aruba Nov.24 Reef and Mangrove Clean up

Volunteers needed!!!!! Reef and Mangrove Clean up

On initiative of FlyFishing Aruba this Sunday November 2 4th,  there will be a Clean up of the reefs and Mangroves. Starting from 1pm at the AWS pier (next to Marandi Restaurant).

Aruba Wakeboard School, Tranquilo Charters  Aruba  and  Fly Fishing Aruba, decided to take action after seeing more and more plastic and other items ending up in the ocean, straight from the dump; dirtying the beach shore, ocean and island, killing the ocean life and environment.

“Enough is Enough”he thought, and Flyfishing guide Laurenz van Mook posted his idea on Facbook  and many great responses came in right away. People and businesses directly got to work with his idea and offered to volunteer people, boats, gloves, and garbage bags, dumpsters, printing posters, food and drinks for the volunteers and so on.

It will be a great accomplishment on Sunday November 24th from 1pm till 6pm. Starting at the AWS pier (next to Marandi Restaurant), behind the airport.

Please come and help, and make sure you wear your water shoes and protect yourself from the sun.

For more information, please follow the Facebook page of FlyFishing Aruba.

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