Monday, September 23, 2013

Working in Real Estate

Posted by Aruba Daily on September 23rd, 2013 ARUBA -
Working in Real Estate since the year 2000 and still going strong; I have many tips to share with you. How to sell your house fast, how to negotiate the best price when buying a house, making money flipping properties, what determines Real Estate prices, staging your condo, how to find the right broker to represent you, and so on. Since June, every Saturday Aruba-Daily has published the Real Estate article that can be found on my blog:

That is how I got here; from working in Real Estate and writing a blog about it to share my experience, to being asked to publish a weekly Real Estate column in Aruba-Daily. I am Miriam Engeln, born in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), I have been working in Real Estate sales since the year 2000. I have worked in Spain, Belize and since 7 years I am happy to add Aruba to the list.

Working at Century 21 I am working with locals, foreign investors, (first time property) buyers, sellers, tenants and contractors, you can expect a variation of columns about all of the above and more.
Next week I will write another Real Estate column in Aruba-Daily, which you can also read online via the webpage - See more at:

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