Sunday, August 08, 2010

food cans collection for the people in need

On Saturday, August 28, 2010, Fundacion Pa Nos Comunidad (FPNC) together with Post Aruba N.V. will organize a “Food drive – Yes we Can” activity. With this activity FPNC can fill up its food bank in order to help those in need.

FPNC, who began sustaining the more vulnerable groups in our community in October 2009, is cu...rrently helping about 100 families with food baskets, each consisting of about 3 people. Some of these families have to make it on a very low salary, others do not have any form of income at all, and then there are single mothers who have up to 9 children who are unable to work for various reasons, meaning they have little or no income.
Some of the families that are being assisted by FPNC receive a food basket every week, and others receive a basket every month. The distribution depends on the needs of each client of FPNC.

The goal of FPNC for the end of this year is to support about 250 families through their food bank.
Therefore FPNC together with Post Aruba N.V. is organizing the “Food drive – Yes we Can” activity, where the entire community of Aruba has the possibility to donate food in the form of canned vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, and rice, beans and other nonperishable foodstuffs.
The “Food drive – Yes we Can” activity will take place on Saturday August 28, 2010, on the parking lot of the main building of Post Aruba N.V. in Oranjestad from 12 till 6 PM.

During this activity there will be a 3-steps route on the parking lot for those who come to drop off their donation, including step 1: “Food drop off”; step 2: contribution by buying snacks and beverages; and step 3: option to contribute financially. There will be DJ present who is in charge of the musical entertainment, there will be an area where visitors can sit and relax and consume their snacks and drinks, and there is a section where they can park their car.

As many people may recall, on January 23 last a “Community Collection Day” activity took place where a large number of people and companies contributed with donations in the form of good secondhand articles such as furniture, clothes, household articles, toys and foodstuffs.

This activity was a big success. Thanks to all who contributed, FPNC managed to collect a lot of clothes and other articles that were distributed among those in need.

For the activity of August 28, FPNC and Post Aruba N.V. wish to focus on food, which is a basic need, that yet many people do not have easy access to. FPNC and Post Aruba ask the entire community of Aruba to help them to collect food so they can help families that have too little to eat.

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