70's and 80's party- December 6th-Confessions Night Club

next to Aruba, Curacao- helicopter diving!

great new watersport: Ketball, at Havana Beach- Oranjestad

beach party, I love musika

Banana bus tours

read this:

Steve Keith- best photographer in Aruba

woehoe- over 2000 clicks- YES!

Tsunami- live band- @ Century 21- Aruba

Great scuba diving in Aruba

almost 2000 klicks, please keep checking this blog

just some nice pictures

cruise from Aruba, each Saturday

buy & sell in Aruba

Parc Arawa- Aruba, for fun, swimming and parties

Golf vacations in Aruba

Aruba spa- beach front relaxing

Casa Tua- Aruba- Italian Restaurant

shopping in Aruba

History made: Obama the new President of USA

Renewable Energy Technology advise for Aruba

Catamaran Regatta- Aruba, 13-23 November 2008