Saturday, November 17, 2018

Real estate buyers, read this

Lots of information and tips about investing in Aruba, for first time buyers on the #onehappyisland of #Aruba
See link;
If you have any comment/ question please contact me at;

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Over 14 years posting Blog updates

hi all,
Over 14 years I have been posting Blog updates about Aruba, real estate, and so on.
It is time to find myself guest bloggers.
Do you have a story to share, pictures or tips for Aruba and/or real estate lovers, please contact me;

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Real Estate in Aruba

so many great listings, where to start?

the best is to check the website for yourself, see link; if you are interested to buy a condo, house, piece of land, or rent long term in Aruba, please contact me via;
Yearly property tax is just 0.4%, I know, hard to believe it can be that low. Rental income is high, so it is easy to make money with your investment #Aruba.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Social media versus blogging

I have been changing the way I post my pictures and stories on-line;
blogging since 2004, posting on Facebook since 2007, and on Instagram since 2017.
Not sure which is the best way to go, to promote Aruba "one happy island" on-line as Aruba Connections, but for sure, all 3 will be updated by me on a regular basis.
Posting on Instagram has been proven to be the easiest from my cell phone, since my camera stays at home most of the time, and the Samsung S7 is a great mobile to take pictures with (day time), at night; not so much.

Therefor I have linked my ArubaConnections Insta and FB account, so both share the pictures and text I am posting. Time savings, my favorite :-)

Real estate buyers, read this