Sunday, September 29, 2019

going from blogging, to Facebook, to Instagram and back

It is almost October 2019; and I am back at blogging.
Since Instagram changed so many things lately, many more restrictions to grow an audience, I will focus again on this #Aruba blog.
This Aruba Connections blog I started in the year 2004, 15 years ago, just before I moved to Aruba.

Time on the island has been good to me, ups and downs like anyone else in life, but mainly good.
My focus will be giving the readers information on;
Moving to Aruba,
Real Estate for sale in Aruba,
Retirement in Aruba,
Things to do on the "one happy island",
and anything else worth mentioning.

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My email address is;
Feel free to contact me with any Real Estate and/or Aruba questions/ comments.

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