Monday, October 20, 2014

Real Estate Miriam answers all

This week’s question by Enrique Hernandez:

“How easy or difficult is it for a new company to enter the vacation rental/real estate industry on Aruba?”

Here the answer by Miriam Engeln:

To start a new business in Aruba the following; in case the owner was not born in Aruba but is considered local, first she/he should apply for a business license at the Department of Economic Affairs. When there is more than one person involved, the partners are required to register a general partnership. A sole proprietorship is a legal form with only one proprietor, who is personally liable for all of the business’ actions.

The sole proprietorship is reserved for locals (Arubans) or people who are considered local. When the owner of the sole proprietorship is born in Aruba with the Dutch nationality and at least 18 of age, she/he is exempted from the business license requirement and can make an appointment to register the sole proprietorship at the Aruba Chamber. For more information please visit the websites: and/or

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