Saturday, September 27, 2014

ARUBA life: Why move to Aruba and why to get the hell out! Come to Aruba for sun and fun living.

Living in sunshine can be relaxing and cumbersome at the same time. While residing on a tropical Caribbean island and enjoying hot and sunny weather, there are still plenty of reasons to get the hell out and fast.
Here are some pros and cons of living in Aruba:
1. Pro – You’re always on vacation! Living as anAruban, you don’t have to travel far to go on vacation. Aruba has plenty of white sandy beaches all around the island. Some popular spots include Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Arashi Beach and let’s not forget Baby beach. All beaches are public so you can enter for free.
2. Pro – The friendliest people! Unlike other places where you will see and meet over 50 different nationalities on a small location, this island has it’s nicest and most relaxed proud people, always willing to help a lost tourist, let’s people cross the road where ever they please, when you come to someone’s home during lunch time there is always an extra plate of food available, overall very
friendly people in Aruba. Of course it is part of the world and you do have to use common sense. But when the sun is shining everyone seems to smile more, worry less and just enjoy the good things in life.
3. Pro – Live for cheap! The cost of living in Aruba is much lower than living in California or New York. Of course the downside to living for less is working for less. Minimum wages are somewhat low, and most hotel-/restaurant staff lives on tips that you, the generous visitor will leave for them. Also many sales-/ service staff live on commission based salaries. Therefor the service level is kept high also in Aruba.
4. Con – You must have a (rental) car! In Aruba things are spread out and waiting on a bus in the heath is no fun. And with vehicle registration, driver’s license fees, tickets, car insurance and gas prices, driving can get quite expensive.
5. Con –Drinks get warm very quickly! You have to drink up quickly before the sun warms your drink. What a stress.
6. Con –Donkey crossing! Paying attention to crossing donkeys, iguanas, goats and dogs, can be quite a challenge, especially after some happy hour drinks. Remember that at any given time anywhere, the car in front of you will step on the brakes for someone or something wanting to cross; so keep your distance. Those are just a few of the reasons why to live in Aruba and why to get the hell out.

So if you’re thinking about moving to the Happy Island of Aruba, it could be a good idea if you have a car, can drink quickly, enjoy sunshine, and pay attention while driving.

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