Saturday, June 14, 2014

This week’s question and answer:

Paul Wallace:

Hi, I will arrive in Aruba Feb 6 and departing May7.
I am departing on day 91. Do I need special papers?
Tx's for writing such great informative articles.

Miriam Engeln:

Hi Paul, that is depending on if you do (or do not) own property/ timeshare on the island.

The Minister in charge of Integration and the Minsiter in charge of Tourism have sent a letter to all airlines to clarify this new government policy to avoid that visitors with a valid airline ticket with a round-trip ticket beyond 30 days, are challenged by the airline.

The visitor can indicate the amount of intended days (maximum 180 consecutive days, not to exceed a total of 180 per calendar year) on the ED card. The visitor must have the documents to prove property ownership, a valid passport, a valid round-trip ticket, proof of sufficient funds for the amount of stay on the island. If the immigration officer gives the amount of days requested, the visitor does not have to go to DIMAS to request an extension of his/her stay.

As an example; if a tourist shows to the Aruba immigration that he has 60 days of time share, he/she can receive a permission to stay 60 days. If the visitor cannot show this at immigration, he/she always has the option to request an extension from DIMAS. Again, the total stay cannot surpass 180 days in a calendar year.

For tourists that do NOT own property in Aruba, other rules apply. Tourists without property can remain a maximum of 90 consecutive days in Aruba and a maximum of 180 days per calendar year.

In general, immigration would give 30 days at the border. For an extension, the tourist can apply at DIMAS (60 additional days).

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