Saturday, May 09, 2009

where to honeymoon in September?

Where to Honeymoon in September?
We want to go on our honeymoon September 9, 2009 and we are worried about where to go because of the season. What options do we have with beautiful beaches and great weather during that season?

Yours is a good question because early September is the peak of the Caribbean and Atlantic hurricane season and is also a very active time in the Pacific hurricane season.However, there are destinations located south of the hurricane zone.

The far southern islands of the Caribbean--especially Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao--are considered south of the "hurricane belt" so they generally miss the storms which develop and move to their north.

You'll find great beaches--and beautiful days on each island. Aruba is especially noted for its around the clock fun, from great beaches like Eagle Beach and Palm Beach to its shopping and nightlife fun (not to mention sports activity--it's a windsurfing capital).

Bonaire is far quieter and is a real favorite with scuba divers.

Curacao offers a variety of beach properties and natural attractions.As far as other destinations during hurricane season, usually you'll be just fine...but always check and see if the resort you're considering offers a "hurricane guarantee." These guarantees will cover your honeymoon if it's interrupted by a hurricane.Cruises are another option; most Caribbean and Mexico cruises make daily port stops so you can hit the local beaches. If there's a weather problem, cruises just reroute and head to another sunny isle! Happy honeymoon!

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